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Our Vision

We’re the first Israeli-pan-Asian startup accelerator and microfund, which goal is to create and nurture successful joint startups across the continent.

Our challenge is to overcome the lack of awareness, cultural gaps and language barriers, to make Asian markets reachable for Israeli startups and vice versa.

We’re doing that by operating strategic ‘gateway’ hubs, including Tel Aviv, Singapore, Seoul and Hong Kong.

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Tel Aviv is ranked the 2nd best ecosystmem in the world, right after Silicon Valley, but Israeli startups tackle 46% smaller market then their peers in the US.

At the same time, we see more and more Asian investors being active in Israeli startups, but there’s still a huge cultural gap that harms the creation of a real Israel-Asian startup network.

Coming from a ‘bottom-up’ approach, StartupEast’s mission is to create and nurture a large community from which joint succesful Israeli-pan-Asian startups are to be established.

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Our Team

Amir Ofek


Partner at BVL ventures. Former VP Client Business Executive for SingTel Group at Amdocs. MBA from INSEAD and BSc from the Technion. 8200 IDF unit graduate

Amos Avner

Founding Partner

Director at StarTAU – Tel Aviv
University Entrepreneurship Center. Manager of the 1st Korea-Israel Entrepreneurship Program.

Omri Shamir

Founding Partner

M.A in Asian studies and former lecturer at Tel Aviv University. Former Founder and CEO at inhalo Hong Kong. 8200 IDF unit graduate.

Carl Qian

COO Singapore

NUS Overseas College Israel program Alumnus. Co-run Youth Entrepreneurship Alliance in Singapore. PhD from NUS and BSc from Fudan University.

Rinny Kim

COO Korea

Graduate of Sookmyung University. Leader of the 1st Korea-Israel Entrepreneurship Program. Enthusiastic
Korean entrepreneur.